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Digital Decluttering

60 Minute Team Workshop

Four essential strategies for decluttering your inbox & keeping it that way

Your team will discover the four essential strategies for clearing their inbox clutter and taking back control of their email.

Here’s what your team will learn:

  • The key reasons why their inbox is overflowing, so they know what needs to change.
  • The quickest and easiest way to clear their backlogged inbox, so they can move forward with a clean slate .
  • How to implement a personalised email management system, so they can stop emails slipping through the cracks.
  • How to stop emails they don’t want or need coming into their inbox, so they have less to do with every day.
  • The options available for organising their email, so they can find a solution that suited their needs.

This workshop can be tailored for organisations using Gmail or Microsoft Outlook as their communication platform.

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30 Day Team Challenge

Overflowing to Organised

How to overhaul your inbox, tame your online spaces & beat digital distractions

A 30 day digital decluttering challenge for teams who are feeling weighed down and distracted by the chaos of their digital world. For teams who want to feel organised, empowered and productive so they can stop wasting time and start working smarter.

During the program, your team will:

  • Declutter your crowded inbox (in Gmail or Microsoft Outlook).
  • Revamp your email organisation and management systems.
  • Close a stack of tabs in your browser.
  • Declutter your online files (in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive).
  • Be using time-saving features that put the files you need right at your fingertips.
  • Curb your most distracting digital interruptions.
  • Discover tools and techniques to help you stay on task.

Available for Q4, 2022

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Mental Decluttering

60 Minute Team Workshop

Four essential strategies for clearing your mental clutter & getting on top of your to-do list

Your team will discover four essential strategies that will help them free up space in their minds, reclaim their attention and fly through their to-do list.

Here’s what your team will learn:

  • Why they’re always thinking about all the things they need to do, and the essential strategy for improving their focus.
  • Why they’re not being productive in the time they have, and the must-have app and strategy to make the most of their day.
  • Why they struggle to get started on larger tasks and projects, and the simple strategy to jump-start their motivation.
  • Why it takes so long to get things finished, and the vital strategy for boosting their efficiency and delivering high-quality work.

This workshop is delivered to your team via your chosen video conferencing platform.

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4 Week Team Program

Frantic to Focused For Teams

How to reclaim your attention, stay on top of your to-do list & start nailing your work

A four week program designed to take your entire team from feeling frantic, distracted and frustrated to focused, organised and productive.

What’s included

  • Access to the Frantic to Focused online modules for each team member. Learn more about what’s covered here.
  • Two group workshops, focused on helping your team identify and overcome cumbersome task management processes and communication inefficiencies.
  • Two 45-minute one-to-one coaching sessions for each team member, to help them implement the program and establish new routines.

Best suited to teams of up to 10 people. All workshops and coaching sessions are delivered virtually.

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Chloe Madden, Teacher

I didn't have time to waste on something that didn't add value and this has been so worthwhile! This term could have broken me into tiny pieces and the stuff we've worked on has made sure that that doesn't happen!

Julia Anderson, Marketing Manager

The program has removed a weight off my shoulders. I have the strategies and the tools to help put the ‘overwhelm’ into perspective and schedule out what I need to do to get things done. I'm far more focused, and less distracted.