Frantic to Focused is a practical and supportive online program that will show you how to move from feeling frantic, distracted and frustrated to feeling focused, organised and productive. You’ll learn how to clear the mental work clutter that is hogging your attention, put easy-to-use systems in place to stay on top of everything that’s on your plate, and devise an actionable road map for making progress on your projects.

Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

You’re an ambitious professional who loves your work, but feels like your mind’s always running on overdrive. You’re juggling so many things that you’re just waiting for something important to slip through the cracks. You struggle to stay focused because your mental to-do list is constantly playing on repeat.

You know that you can’t go on like this.

You’re ready for a new approach. One that will take you from feeling frantic, distracted and frustrated to focused, organised and productive. An approach that will give you the confidence that you’re on top of everything and free up your mind to engage meaningfully with everything and everyone you care about.

Whether you're:

  • A team leader who’s ever-increasing responsibilities and workload have rendered your old systems ineffective, left you feeling out of your depth and like you’re letting your team down.
  • A corporate professional who finds it hard to manage your time, is prone to procrastination and feels like you’re not bringing your best to a job you love.
  • A teacher who’s drowning in piles of marking, struggling to get productive in the precious time between classes and feels like your teaching and personal life are suffering.

You’re in the right place and I am going to tell you exactly how Frantic to Focused will give you the tools, systems and support on your journey to reclaiming your attention and getting back in control of your work, and your life.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Experienced the instant relief that comes from unpacking and sorting your mental to-do list (instead of keeping it cluttering your mind and hogging your attention)
  • Gotten really clear on the actual time you have available to get things done (instead of wondering why you can’t seem to get everything finished)
  • Implemented a reliable and easy-to-use system for holding all your to-dos and processes (so your brain doesn’t have to!)
  • Transformed your calendar into a realistic and flexible system for planning when you’ll get things done (instead of wasting your available time deciding on what to do...and not doing anything much)
  • Created an actionable plan for working on your larger work tasks, projects and goals (instead of procrastinating on them)
  • Developed simple, sustainable routines to keep you on track long after you complete the program (instead of returning to your frantic-inducing ways).
Samantha was key in helping me reach a whole new level in my ways of working. 

I loved working with Samantha as she brings such enthusiasm and passion to the topic and has a wealth of knowledge. She asked great, pertinent questions to challenge my thinking. Her style is warm and personable and gives you confidence in the changes you are implementing.

Stephanie Southwell, Senior Audit Manager

The Frantic to Focused doors are currently closed

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Jen Leong
Project Officer

Before the program, it was becoming very stressful. The demands were high and I was jumping from task to task and had to stay back to work to cover the many interruptions during the day. After completing the program I found myself able to stay on top and capture my work tasks, ideas using OneNote, To-Do's and Outlook.

Chloe Madden

I didn't realise how much better I would feel by allocating time - I get a real sense of ownership and motivation which makes me feel so much better. I also love the fact that I haven't felt that I need to totally change my behaviour. All of the changes have supported me to take on the work that I am passionate about, but manage my time so I have more balance.

Rod Morrison
HR Manager

With Samantha's input, I was able to review a range of options and implement ones that not only worked most effectively for my workflow, but were achievable in where I am in my 'efficiency and productivity' journey and attainable for my level of technical competence.


What’s Inside Frantic to Focused 


Module 1

Create space in your mind

Our very first module will ease your mental load and get you feeling on top of things super fast. Get ready to enjoy some long-overdue relief and lightness!

I’ll share my step-by-step process for a good ol’ mental declutter so you can unpack the to-do list you’ve been carrying around in your brain. From there, you’ll identify the things that most require your attention in the next couple of weeks.

Next, you’ll get really clear on what your next week looks like so you know exactly how much time you have available to get things done. Finally, you’ll make a plan for tackling your most pressing to-dos.

Module Highlights:

  • Get your to-do list out of your head so you can stop using your precious mental resources trying to remember all the things you have to do and actually have space to do them!
  • Prioritise your list so you can stop being overwhelmed by all the things that have to get done and start focusing on what matters most right now.
  • Put a clear plan in place for your upcoming week so you can stop wasting time deciding what you should do next and start working productively. 
Module 2

Create your mind-freeing storage system

Now that you’ve freed up some space in your mind, we’re going to put a reliable and easy-to-use system in place to keep it that way. Think of it like plugging an extra memory card into your brain!

We’ll start by exploring several options for storing and categorising your tasks - both digital and hybrid (yes, there is still a place for paper!).

You’ll then set up your new system in a way that works perfectly for you. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone on this one! I’ll share several examples to inspire your design.

Next, you’ll consider and choose a tool for storing any processes you’ve been keeping in your head.

Once your system is ready to go, it’s time to load up your tasks and processes and hear your brain do a big sigh of relief knowing that everything is in its place and accounted for.

Module Highlights:

  • Find a task tool that you enjoy using so you can stop searching for the ‘best’ task app and get on with using one effectively.
  • Create a bespoke storage system that fits you like a glove so you have no excuse for keeping things in your head.
  • Get all your tasks and processes captured in your shiny new system so you can stop worrying that things will fall between the cracks and be confident that you’re on top of everything.
Module 3

Create your mind-freeing planning system

By now you’ll be feeling calm, in control and super proud of your newfound level of productivity! To keep this momentum going, we’re going to turn your calendar into the ultimate mind-freeing planning system.

First up, you’ll make sure that your calendar includes all the recurring stuff you’re already doing. Next you’ll build in time to deal with day-to-day admin and those unplanned interruptions and requests.

Once this is done, you’ll be really clear on exactly how much time you have available and can start planning out when you’ll tackle your tasks.

Finally, we’ll build sustainable routines into your week to help keep your systems running, and explore what to do when things don’t go according to plan!

Module Highlights:


  • Set up your calendar to truly reflect your work and life so you can stop overestimating your available time and start creating realistic plans.
  • Discover my favourite tips for levelling up your use of Outlook calendar and Google Calendar.
  • Implement new weekly routines that support you in creating sustainable, long-lasting change.
Module 4

Create a road map to nail your projects

With your day-to-day work humming along, you’ll have the space to tackle the projects that have been patiently waiting for your attention.

You’ll start with a review of all the larger, ongoing tasks, projects and goals that are currently on your plate and decide what you want to focus on during the next 12 weeks.

Next, you’ll clarify what success looks like and figure out exactly what it will take to get there. This will become your winning game plan that you’ll load up into your trusted mind-freeing storage system.

To make sure you put the plan into action, you’ll use your calendar to proactively put time aside to play the game.

To wrap things up, we’ll explore how you can track your progress and celebrate your wins!

Module Highlights:

  • Choose the projects and goals you’ll focus on next so you can stop trying to do everything (and doing nothing well!) and start kicking goals.
  • Get clear on exactly what you need to do to achieve success so that you can stop feeling daunted and overwhelmed and start making progress.
  • Allocate time to do the work so that it stops getting put off and starts receiving the attention it needs to get done.

When you enrol during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Frantic to Focused

  • 4 modules showing you exactly what to do and implement to move from feeling frantic, distracted and frustrated to feeling focused, organised and productive.

  • Video lesson and PDF resources for every module so you can move through the material at a time and place that suits you best..
  • A step-by-step process for quickly freeing up space in your mind so you can experience immediate benefits and have the capacity to implement new ways of working.
  • In-depth guidance for creating the systems you need to keep your mind clear, feel in-control of your work and get stuff done.
  • Lifetime access to the program, including any updates, so you can return to the material as often as you need.

 You’ll be given access to one module per week during the first four weeks of the program so you can dive into the lessons and put them into practice before moving on.

This will spare you from the intense overwhelm that stops most people from taking action.

Plus These Bonuses Energise Your Efforts & Supercharge Your Success 


Bonus 1

3 One-to-One Sessions

I will be with you every step of the way!

What You’ll Get:

  • 1 x 1 hour kick-off session, where we will deep dive into your challenges and identify the systems and processes that suit you best.
  • 2 x 30 minute planning sessions, where you’ll have the chance to do your weekly planning with me right by your side.
  • Personalised guidance as you start implementing new practices, systems and routines.
Bonus 2

3 Group Q&A sessions

You're not alone on this journey

What You’ll Get:

  • 3 x 1 hour live online group sessions, where you can get your questions answered and seek advice.
  • An opportunity to learn from others who are grappling with similar day-to-day challenges.
  • A supportive and safe space for you to share your wins and challenges.
Bonus 3

1 month of weekly accountability sessions

To keep the momentum going

What You’ll Get:

  • Weekly drop-in accountability sessions for 1 month after the program ends, so you can embed your new practices, systems and routines for good.
  • Bonus time with me every week, so you can ask questions and get support.
  • A weekly commitment to help you keep yourself accountable.
Bonus 4

Live Email Productivity Masterclass

To help you save time and get in control of your Inbox.

What You’ll Get:

  • 90 minute live online masterclass where I’ll share my best tips and tricks for boosting your productivity in Outlook and Gmail.
  • Interactive Q&A so you can get all your burning email questions answered.
  • A sneak peak at the systems and strategies I use to master my own Inbox.

The Frantic to Focused doors are currently closed

However, you can still work with me 1:1 or join the waitlist to be the first to know when enrolment is open.

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Questions others have asked before joining

Still thinking about it?


You should give Frantic to Focused a shot if you're motivated by any of the following:

  • You want to stop worrying that you’re going to drop a ball

    You know that if you keep going on like this, something is going to give. You’re worried that you’ll drop a ball at work, a big one that won’t bounce back. But moreso, deep-down you’re afraid it’ll be something more important than work. Your family, your children, your health.

    That’s why you’re still here, reading this. Because you’re ready to get the help you need to do things differently. You’re ready to implement and stick to new ways of managing your work, so you can stop risking the things that matter most.

  • You want to stop thinking about work, ALL the time

    You’ve reached a point where work seems to be all you think about, all the time. It’s a background soundtrack in your mind, constantly distracting you from the rest of your life. And you’re over it. Even though you love your work (well, most parts of it anyway!), you’d like to be able to switch off and have the brain space for other things.

    Things like conversations with your family and friends where you can actually stay focused and pay attention to what they’re saying. Like all those personal projects and interests that excite you. That’s why you’re more than ready to clear your mental work clutter and reclaim space in your mind, and your life.

  • You want to stop feeling like you’re doing a half-haste job

    You’ve got high standards for yourself and know that you’re good at what you do. That’s why you’re increasing dissatisfaction with your own performance is zapping your energy, motivation and joy at work.

    You’re here thinking about Frantic to Focused because you want to end your work day feeling proud of the effort you put in, proud of the work you did. You want to be confident that you’re on top of everything and doing your best work for a team, clients and organisation you care about.

I am so excited to guide you on this journey!

I created Frantic to Focused because I know that when you feel organised and productive at work, the rest of your life reaps the benefits.

The practices and systems I share in this program are the same ones that have supported me throughout every chapter of my working life - especially the incredibly busy ones!

More importantly, they’re the same practices and systems that have helped others. It’s been a privilege to guide people as they transform from frantic and distracted to a newfound sense of calm and focus.

Now it’s your turn.

Should you choose to accept my invitation to join Frantic to Focused, I know the program can empower you to claim a better way of working, and living.

I look forward to meeting you soon inside Frantic to Focused!

Samantha Garrett

The Frantic to Focused doors are currently closed

However, you can still work with me 1:1 or join the waitlist to be the first to know when enrolment is open.

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