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Hey! I'm Samantha Garrett

I’m a food-loving Aussie with a lifelong nerdiness for computers and organising stuff.


I founded Cluttered to Clear to help professionals who are feeling weighed down by their mental and digital clutter.


These types of clutter can be sneaky! Sometimes you don’t even know they're the culprit that’s weighing you down.

Here’s a few tell-tale signs that your mental clutter is causing you havoc...

  • Your mind is always running at a million mile an hour trying to keep track of all the things you’ve got to do.
  • You feel like you never have enough time, but then when you do have time available you struggle to decide what to do and stay focused long enough to do it!
  • You’ve got so many balls in the air, you fear that it’s just a matter of time until you drop a really important one.
  • You can barely stay present in a conversation or focus on anything for more than a few minutes because you're so distracted by your mental to-do list.
  • You worry about how you’re going to cope when work and life gets more hectic, given you’re so close to breaking point already.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed trying to manage the constant stream of communications and tasks coming your way.
  • Your work is taking so much of your headspace that you’ve got barely any left for the people and things you care about.

Sound familiar?

You've come to the right place.

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And a few hints that your digital clutter is out of control...

  • Your inbox is a constant source of dread and guilt because you know that it’s full of unactioned tasks and unanswered emails.

  • You’ve got so many browser tabs open that trying to find the one you want is almost impossible.

  • You're reluctant to take on anything new because your inbox is already overflowing with things that need your attention.

  • Trying to find the file you need is a time-wasting and frustrating endeavour that just seems to be getting worse.

  • You feel like your poor email management is letting people down and preventing you from doing the great job you know you're capable of.

  • Any time you try and get stuff done, you’re constantly interrupted by your tech tools. Before you know it, you’re off task and scrolling aimlessly.

Sound familiar?

You've come to the right place.

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Keen for the back story?

Let's rewind to 2006...

After putting my organisation skills to good use by lining up loaves of bread at a local bakery (would you like that sliced toast or sandwich?) I got my first grown-up job in IT Support at Monash University. 

After countless ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’ support moments, I began my journey into technology training in 2008, helping people master their communication and collaboration tools.

It was way back then that I first noticed something about email

Stacks of the people I was training dreaded opening their inboxes. They really struggled to manage their email and felt constantly under pressure by the ever-increasing unread count. They were spending hours every working day in a place they found stressful and overwhelming.

So I began sharing the strategies I used to keep my own inbox a place of calm productivity.

A few career speed bumps later

I joined Using Technology Better in 2016, starting an awesome few years of training and travel. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, California. For small businesses, global corporations and everything in between.

No matter where I went, people were drowning in email. I kept fine-tuning my own strategies and sharing tools and tips that helped people take back control of their inboxes. 

But I also noticed that in the age of the Cloud, the digital clutter problem had spread. To files. To bookmarks. To apps. To browser tabs. So. Many. Tabs.

Then came 2020

As my suitcase gathered dust, I was deeply grateful that Using Technology Better did the whole 2020 pivot thing and I could continue my work online. I probably don’t need to tell you that the deluge of email and chat messages got worse for people in the world of remote work.

In late 2020, a request from my colleague Julia was the spark that changed the trajectory of my career.

“I’ve got a project for you. Help me get organised.”

In our first session, Julia shared that she was struggling to stay present in conversations because her mind was constantly racing with all the things she needed to get done. When I dug a bit deeper, I learned that Julia was keeping everything in her head. Her mind was so cluttered trying to keep track of her work and life that she had no space for anything else.

So we embarked on a project

We nicknamed it Project EPO (Efficiency, Productivity & Organisation). I shared the tools and techniques I’d been using for years to keep my own mind free and focussed. 

They worked a treat! In the space of a few weeks, Julia decluttered her mind, began to master her schedule and started to reclaim her attention. 

When I saw the huge impact clearing mental clutter had for Julia, I knew I had to help others do the same. So in 2021 I piloted Project EPO with 10 more people. Some needed help with their mental clutter, some with their digital clutter.


Great things happened when they decluttered

  • Their minds went from frantic to focused.
  • Their digital world went from overflowing to organised.
  • They experienced the lightness and relief that comes from being on top of everything that’s on their plate and in their inbox.
  • They found the calm productivity that comes from having a flexible plan for tackling their day and from knowing exactly where to find the things they need.


Cluttered To Clear is my way to help you feel like this too.

Ready to ditch your mental and digital clutter and have space for what matters most?

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