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Hey there! I'm Samantha

I help professionals with frantic minds and overflowing inboxes clear their mental and digital work clutter so they can reclaim space for what matters most.

Mental and digital clutter is a LOT like physical clutter. OK, so it won’t fall out of the cupboard and hit you on the head, but it does take up valuable space and slow you down. It can also become an ever-present source of distraction, stress and guilt.

Mental clutter is anything that is taking up space in your mind, making you feel frantic, distracted and like your brain is running on overdrive. Among these culprits is your mental to-do list and worrying about how on earth you're going to get everything done!

Digital clutter is anything in your digital world that is making you feel disorganised, distracted and overwhelmed. Think your crowded inbox, files without a proper home, countless browser tabs, non-stop notifications and endless passwords.

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Samantha was great in coaching me how to change my work habits and challenged the way I'd worked. Because she was empathetic, calm and assuring, listening well, she was flexible to tailor the program to what I'd needed.

Jen Leong, Projects Officer

Stephanie Southwell, Risk & Controls Manager

I highly recommend Samantha to any professional looking to challenge themselves to take their work performance to the next level. You won’t regret it - it was one the best decisions I’ve made all year!

Working with Samantha  was exactly how I hoped it would be. I'd known of Samantha's work as a technical trainer and quickly realised her ability as a 'coach', with a flexible, empathic and solutions focused approach.

Rod Morrison, Human Resources Manager

I'm here to help you reclaim space for what matters most

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